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Residential & Commercial Installation
EST. 1976
Improve the Appearance and Value of your Home
The sharpness of a home’s curb appeal is dramatically affected by it’s perceived cleanliness and vivid color. Old and worn windows don’t reflect near as much light, and give the fascia of a home a more dull appearance. If your windows are wooden framed, they could be exposing signs of deterioration and color fading that will also take away from the overall “pop” of your home from a distance. New windows give a sharper, brighter, and cleaner look to your exterior.

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Energy Savings
Most homes can expect an energy savings of up to 20% by installing Energy-Star rated vinyl windows with low-emissivity coating. A number of technology advancements in recent years have helped to develop windows that not only minimize undesired airflow from the outside, but also help protect ultraviolet light from heating surface areas inside the window.
Variety of Options
There are many colonial grid options, either contoured or flat, in a variety of different patterns. All grids are integrated inside the insulated glass unit so they’ll never require cleaning or maintenance. External simulated divided lights are also available. All grids are also available in two tone to coordinate with any available color combination.
When to Replace Windows
New Windows can Help Save Energy and Raise the Value of Any Home or Business. Columbus Exteriors has been Professionally Installing Windows Since 1976
Opening and closing is a difficult task; air leaks in, out or around the window; condensation or fogging occurs on or between glass panes; windows are painted or nailed shut and virtually impossible to open
If cleaning becomes difficult due to corroding parts, or dirty buildup on glass, or if replacement parts are hard to find or even non-existent, this is a good indicator that it is time for new windows.
Can you hear too much outdoor noise when you’re in the house? New windows with two panes of glass and an energy-efficient air space in between help deaden the outdoor noise.
Chipping, deterioration or water stains of the window or the area around the window (inside or out) is a sure sign; outdated design or style that doesn’t blend well with the rest of the home
Do you have to fight with your windows to open and close them? Rollers and guides will wear out over time.
Are you planning to sell your home? Low-maintenance, energy-efficient windows can be a selling point, and they can make your house look more attractive from the curb.
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